Innocent Until Provien Innocent

I'm being dragged into the Prosecutor's office next week over a complaint that I stole from a friend of mine. The item I was to have stolen: a SIM card. Have you ever been accused of something when you know you are innocent? If you haven't, I can only tell you that in my experience, I feel as though I'm going mad. Mad with worry and frustration! Amy was my friend and I've known her since her birth back in August of 1989. I watched as this young lady grew up in a violent home. A mother and father who fought each other and beat their three children on a daily basis. As a friend of the family, I would often visit their home. The children weren't allowed in the living with us "grown-ups" so they would hide at the top of the steps. When caught, their father would rush up the steps and slap and hit them until they screamed. YES, I urged them to stop the violence, and YES, I called CPS once in an effort to help those children only to be retaliated against by the mother. If it sounds like I'm trying desperately to find a reason why Amy would file that complaint of theft against me, then you'd be correct. My mind searches for an answer. When Amy was asked to leave my home on April 25, 2012, she ran back to her mother. The same woman who had used and abused her for basically her entire life. And no doubt the same woman who encouraged Amy to file a false report with the police. You see, Amy's mother still hates me after all these years. The fact that I worked hard to make something of myself while her only job was perfecting how she can rip off the government. Her family was enrolled in all of the assistance programs, and the mother learned all-too-well how to manipulate those programs to get what she wanted. At one point, I took inventory of the loads of meat they had in their freezer while my own freezer was nearly bare. As a single mother, I worked hard, but oftentimes their was just enough food for my daughter. I knew there would be leftover bagels and donuts at work, and would sometimes wait until the next day to eat. Whose to say which of them was behind the police report? The young friend who had been asked to leave my home and was no doubt upset, or the mother who was always jealous of my accomplishments. It all comes to the same conclusion for me, and that's the fact that I'm being dragged into court this Wednesday and have to face them both. I have the evidence necessary to clear my name, but I was innocent from the start. The SIM card represents one of the phone lines on our AT&T plan, and its the same phone line that Amy was allowed to use (free of charge) while she lived with us.
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May 5, 2012