Estranged Friends

Dear Maggie - After one short evening of reconciliation we are once again estranged from one another. Since you've blocked me, around every corner, I turn to EP to share my feelings with you one last time. As for Amy living here, I would hope you agree that we were both manipulated by her. In an effort to get where she wanted to be in life, it was necessary to lie to each of us keeping her wheels of hate in motion at all times. When she left my home, she picked a fight with me. It lead to a nasty mediation session where she lied to officials, and then it spilled onto the streets afterwards where I came out the victor. I won't apologize for what I had to do to defend myself this week. Nor will I apologize for fighting back in a way that she didn't expect. What I do regret is that our friendship got caught up in the middle of all this nonsense. Ultimately, you made a choice and it was to stand by your daughter even though you know she is absolutely wrong on all counts. I can respect that. Perhaps you are trying to be the mom you should have been all along, or Amy now realizes that you aren't the enemy. Maybe something good can finally come out of what happened between Amy and I. For whatever the reason, it cost us our 40+ year long friendship and, for that, I do mourn.
twodayzgn twodayzgn
46-50, F
May 12, 2012