The Hate Continues

Just in case I end up dead, I will continue to report the latest in this battle between Amy and myself. Apparently she's upset at me (LOL) and is now filing an SSOO Protection Order against me. I received notice of the hearing today. It doesn't say that I have to appear, so I won't. I will, however, call the court next week and be sure that she can be in my presence long enough, on June 5, to attend my Small Claim Hearing against her. I filed a claim of $3,000 against her in an effort to recover full room and board, plus other expenses, that were provided during her stay from last September until this April. Before she even moved in our home, I explained that her living her 100% free room and board is that she would not talk about our family behind our backs. I explained that while this is a verbal agreement, if she broke the agreement, I would evict her and take her to court. She broke the agreement and was booted from my home. Now she's gone crazy in filing false claims against me, messing with my mail, and now a protection order. I suppose this is her way of working out her hurt regarding the matter? That's fine, but when she picked a fight with me I'm not sure why she thought I would just lay down and take it. I stood up and fought back and am still fighting back. She needs to understand that there are consequences to her actions.
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