Where Are You God?

Today was a horrible day for me. I have so much on my mind what with my failing health and the continued legal problems being brought to me by the traitor who used to live in our home. Its as if God is dead or He just isn't interested in anything I have to say anymore. I know what you're thinking. She's so "woe is me" all the time. Maybe that's true. I'm a woman on the edge of something and I'm looking for that life raft. After all, don't we all get a life raft from time to time? Perhaps I've worn out my welcome in God's presence. Maybe we only get so many requests in a lifetime? I used to believe, however, that my faith in God was based on a DAILY walk. Not every step is on the right path, but I do take steps and I do call out to Him to keep me on the straight and narrow as much as possible. To say I'm perfection would be a false statement. Nobody is. But I am one of God's flock and I need Him desparately. Where are you God?
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1 Response May 15, 2012

God is there. Have faith and do not let the devil make you believe something that is not true.