Waiting Is The Hard Part

There is a few more days until the court hearing. The wait is killing me. I anguish over the evidence, the outcome, but most of all I anguish over the fact that someone I once loved and cared for is trying to take away my civil liberties. She lives just 10 minutes away from me and her goal is to make it difficult for me wherever I go, because if she wins, I'll have to check every single store, gas station, roadway for her presence first before entering. To think I opened my heart and my home to her. Provided free room and board for 8 months and now this. I know she doesn't have a shred of proof, but I worry none-the-less because she has this way about her that endears people to her. I'm just hoping the judge and court officials will see past that demeanor and look at the true Amy...what's inside that shell is a viscious and disturbed young woman who, as I heard last night, wants to "bury me". I still cry out to God for help and mercy. Where is He when I need Him the most?!
twodayzgn twodayzgn
46-50, F
May 18, 2012