With You My Heart Beats...

Oh!! my love close your eyes can you visualise me? can you smell the fragrance of our love? ..does it give you an intoxicating feeling?…....hey !!!where are you lost ,my love, its me whispering into your ears just turn back can you see me now ..oh! oh! why are your eyes moist what is hurting you dear just let me know I promise to wipe off all your tears. Hold those precious pearls don’t just let it flow …..
You want to hold me near ….. hold my hand lets fly into the stars and live our life peacefully together but why the piercing pain ....I am not suppose to feel.
The words that are bursting out of my lips making me shiver How can I come to your arms , how can you hold me when I am only a creation of fantasy and dreams ….
but don’t you worry whenever you want to feel me near just open your inner eyes and peep into your heart you can see me smiling there always and forever …as long as you want to keep you will hear with your heart my heart beats.
trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Dec 1, 2012