Will You ?

My love it is because of you
I have become love’s slave .
I know you are unmatched
Still I want to extend
my hand for your support always.
Whenever in solitude
I have yearned for you
I have always rushed
from beginning
to the end of this world.
My heart craves for you.
I am immersed in myself
I know not your opinion
Even if something happens unusual
Still I would need you always
I am so dangerously in love
Seeing only happiness in my eyes
I spread my dreams through
the air in all directions
with a wish they find you.
You haven’t said I am not acceptable
Still why this resistance?
This puzzle I can’t solve.
My heartscall
'Don’t be ruled by your mind
Lets leave everything and go.
Far from the madding crowd
Keeping only the vast blue expanse
In front of our eyes'
Lets listen to our hearts and fly
Lets be lost into each other
Without caring how the world will treat us.

trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Dec 16, 2012