Silly boy. We don't /love/ each other.
There's something, but it isn't love.
I used to love you though. I used to love the thought of you smiling and I used to be able to smile at the sound of your laugh.
You used to never think of anyone but me and you.
But all that has changed hasn't it?
We keep trying to bring back what we had because we miss it, there's something missing, but something's changed this time.
There's something missing but we can't piece back our hearts by the ones who broke them.
You told me you cried because of me the other day. Normally, that would have / killed/ me, but it didn't.
I didn't feel any regret, if anything, I felt a sickening happiness in my stomach for making you hurt, because you did just the same to me; and you laughed.
So yeah, I'm torn between showing you how it feels to be hurt, and I'm torn between giving you another chance, but I'm also torn between what's right for me.
So I'm so ******* sorry if I ruined your life but I have my own and I have a right to live that life with out being brought back into a fantasy that won't ever come true.
catherineeac catherineeac
16-17, F
Aug 31, 2014