Sad Day

today i went out to meet a customer in his factory;  i was informed by his workers that his wife died of cancer 4 days ago and he would be back later in the week.  i felt very sorry, emotioally drained, to hear this; he has an unmarried son ( in our part of the world marriages are arranged by parents) and he was very devoted to his wife.

My college classmate's wife also died of cancer within a short span of 8,9 months after her cancer was detected.  he had looked forward to a peaceful retired life with his wife; his children are very well settled, both in the usa. he and his wife had amassed wealth through frugal living and good investments; her cancer was detected just after their son's marriage and she is no more.  my friend is all alone; a maid helps him.  for major part of their lives they had lived apart, she a bank manager and he a nuclear scintist.

kalyaniyinmani kalyaniyinmani
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1 Response Nov 17, 2009

I am sorry you had to feel and experience the pain of untimely death. It happens that way sometimes. <br />
As much as you plan for tomorrow, you can never plan around faith.<br />
<br />
Perhaps the lesson here is too live everyday to it's fullest. If you know how and can afford what a short time can offer.