I Have Never Shared My Feelings And Thoughts


     I  have never been able to share my feelings and thoughts with other people.  In fact I think the only one who I have is my husband.  For most of my life I have pretty much kept my feelings and thoughts bottled up inside of me.  There is only one place that is my diary where I write what thoughts  have been racing through my mind.  When I feel I want to unburden myself there is a phone number that I can call which is strictly confidential there is a volunteer person who I can share my feelings and thoughts with. 

     About month ago I joined a women's group I find I feel too scared to really open up and share my true feelings and thoughts with these women I barely know.  Then the last time I went I was able to share with them that I spent amount of time on the inter-net.  It was actually how I came across this group that I am in now. but since they now know my secret they will be on my case.  I feel so anxious, because of having to share with them how much time I have spent on the inter-net each day.  I don't see it as an addiction, but these women do think I am addicted to the inter-net.  They seem to be concerned about my well-being in not venturing outside my home, but since I suffer with social anxiety I find it difficult to get out and go where there are people.  

    What it basically boils down to is being able to trust someone before I can reveal my true feelings and thoughts.  All through my life, I have been seriously burnt by people who I had share my feelings with. I imagine that I shared my inner most thoughts and feelings when I barely knew them.  I want so much to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with at least one trusting person.

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1 Response Mar 29, 2010

think of it as a bit of an adventure. even if you dont consider it being a addiction, just please um - cos you may find along the way, that the interaction with please you :)