I dont know what to do.I feel like i am trapped in a room.No way of getting out.I have suicidal thoughts everyday and i am too scared to tell anyone.I recently joined a new school and the popular girls who everyone hangs out with hate me and are making everyone hate me.I dont know who my real friends are,they all ***** about me and i know they do,but i just feel like i have no-one there for me.All the boys thing i am ugly and fat and a liar but i cant swap schools because theres no other school i could go to.I cry every night and i just feel helpless and like i have no friends,please help me,give me advice.i promise you i would be to scared to go to a nurse or school teacher even my parents and i have no siblings.help me, soon please,before i do anything silly.
pollylong pollylong
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Hey you aren't alone. I have trouble getting of bed every morning. I am married but separated to someone I'm not sure I want to be with. I don't have many friends, I'm struggling with my faith, I'm angry and alone. I can't function well at work and it sux. I have those suicidal thought everyday too but it's not the answer. Let's support each other and get through this.

would love to chatt with you,,,,,