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This Story is called "My Friend Tommy" it's incomplete but I want to get some opinions. Plus this way I can set a pace for this experience.

"A lot's going on and I just need to talk to someone, I know it's not your job but I just need to talk to someone" A man said as he sat at the counter and looked at a menu.

"I'm a waitress, it's my job to listen to people *****, just make sure to leave a good tip" The Waitress said.

"I woke up early! I never wake up early! And here I am up four hours before normal" I'll have a western omelet, a pumpernickel bagel toasted with cream cheese white toast coffee with room for cream and an orange juice" The man said.

"Why's that?" The waitress asked as she took the order.

"Well my best friend is getting married today," The man said.

"Best Man?" The waitress asked.

"Well it's a little more complicated than that" The man said.

"I'll have it up for you in a sec" The Waitress said.


A long long time ago in a strange place called the 1990's a classic boy meets girl love story happened and around the same time just as cliché story of two teens getting knocked up a prom also happened.The pair of teens had a baby nine months later and named him Nate, that's me. I like long walks on the beach, going to the old drive in and classic cartoons, this isn't really my story no it's the story of the other baby. The other couple also had a baby boy and got married (yes in that order), the baby born one day after me grew up into my best friend Tommy.

We met on the first day of preschool and before that Friday we were inseparable. Soon after we found out we lived in apartment buildings across the street from each other. I was the gut, Tommy was the brain. In other words Tommy came up with the stupid ideas and I'd do them.

It started, well really started when we were four, about a year after we met. Me and Tommy loved to climb trees at the park. But with all our parents working that left us in latchkeydom. Most days one of our parents was able to get off long enough to take us home and those rare days when no one could we went to our schools latchkey program. But I digress, we didn't get to climb trees at the park nearly as much as we wanted. So Tommy came up with the idea to climb one of our building. Tommy lived on the 5th floor of his and I lived on the 3rd floor of mine so we started with mine. We both practiced but Tommy was better at climbing trees than buildings. So I went it alone. I did it! It was so awesome! I was in need of some new skin on my fingers, but a few weeks stuck with bandaged fixed that. By the time I was 6 I could reach the roof, seven floors up. I actually made it onto the local news with that.

The time I went subway surfing was a good one. Tommy actually got that one from the news. Who knew the news could be so informational!? Anyway we put a lot of work into that one, Tommy did all sorts of research and I trained. I already had a great grip in my fingers but a train is a whole different beast then a building. I trained by riding the outside of local busses, yes we reached the point where riding the outside of a bus wasn't even the goal. I waited for the R trains doors to close before I grabbed on. Tommy was riding on the inside in case anything happened to me. And ya know what?! It was easy, I could've gone more than one stop. If I hadn't forgot about the doors. Figures I can ride on the outside of a subway just fine, but sprain my ankle when I fall in the opening door. All in all it was a fun thirteenth birthday.

A good lead into the story I'm going to tell is the rocket skates we made when we were 16. This was one of those rare times when inspiration struck me, but Tommy still made it better. Now he insisted roller-skates would be better for stability and he also came up with using model rockets instead of fireworks, I swear I'd be dead seventy times over without Tommy. I tested it out and to make a long story short hitting into a parked car can be just as painful as being hit by a car if your going fast enough., Trust me; I've done both.

Anyway after school ended and my casts came off my parents decided I needed some structure and they sent me away to a military camp for the summer. That was the longest time I spent away from Tommy.

It was about a month in when Drill Sergeant Schmuck Face, as I'd affectionately taken to calling him, called me to his office. He handed me the phone, we were only allowed access to the phone in emergencies so I was worried. It was my ma, rest in peace, apparently something bad happened to Tommy and she was on her way to pick me up. Drill Sergeant Schmuck Face had me pack my bag before making me scrub the latrines one last time, such a sentimentalist.

My ma picked me up and we headed on the interstate from Jersey back to Brooklyn. All that time she wouldn't tell me what happened, she didn't understand it herself. I expected to go to the hospital but to my surprise we went home. I asked ma about it and she hadn't found out until Tommy was discharged.

Ma let me jump out in front of his building and I rang the buzzer, after an eternity I was let in and ran up the stairs. I pounded on the door until Tommy's dad opened it, he was surprisingly calm. He explained that Tommy was fine and the doctors kept him for observation because what happened was unprecedented. I asked again what happened and he called Tommy out of his room.

My jaw hit the floor, literally followed by the rest of me. Tommy ran to check if I was ok. Or so I'm told, I kinda fainted. Anyway I eventually woke up to find myself on Tommy's bed, I'm told I was out for fifteen minutes. It had to be a dream I thought to myself, but when Tommy came in the room I knew it wasn't. The Tommy I had grown up with for the past thirteen years was gone replaced by a girl.


"What?!" Another man sitting at the counter asked.

"Don't you remember, it was in all the newspapers a back then" Nate asked "Though it has been a while."

"Yeah, of course I remember that. my thesis on herl" The other man said. "It's Walt, by the way"

"Do you still have a copy Walt?" Nate said "Tommy loves things like that"

"Hey can I get a refill over here!" Nate asked loudly.

Tommy had become a sixteen year old girl! I asked him how it happened, but he didn't know. He told me one minute he was eating lunch at his favorite pizza place, the one at 5th avenue and 77th and then he sneezed and was like that. They called an ambulance and the doctors poked and prodded him for half a day, then observed him for another day and a half before letting him go home, they had no idea what happened to him.

I don't know if it would've made a difference but I felt if I'd been there that maybe this wouldn't of happened. I promised Tommy I wouldn't leave his side again, and that's a promise I've kept to this very day.


"Is this Tommy the friend who's getting married today?" The Waitress asked as she refilled Nates coffey.

"Yeah, Tommy's the one getting married" Nate said.

"Hey after changing did this Tommy of yours start liking men or is she a dyke?" The waitress asked.

"I was just getting to that" Nate said.


We talked for hours about nothing, about everything. What's been going on during the summer. What the change felt like. FYI according to Tommy it felt like having the wind knocked out of you, a feeling I'm familiar with. I asked how he was coping so well with, with you know the change. And why he was coping so well. I eventually asked if I could see his breasts, which he let me.

Tommy was only wearing one of his shirts which, well lets say, didn't compliment his body. I didn't notice at first all the things that changed, but when he removed that shirt it was amazing. And I'm talking more about the change then anything else, well almost anything else. His body looked, well, umm... Softer? Curvier? Let me put it like this, an early bloomer Tommy was not. It was more like he gained new parts then losing the old. Ya know except for his "parts". His face looked more or less the same, just lacking the few hairs that had grown there. And his bright red hair which he always kept kinda long now went all the way down to his back.

I must've been gawking or something because Tommy walked up to me. I didnt know what to do. It was a weird situation. This was my best friend but it was also a naked girl walking up to me. She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I did the only thing I could think of and squeezed. Tommy must of liked it because she leaned in and kissed me.


"What did you do then?" Walt asked, engrossed by the story.

"Did things get all hot and steamy?" The Waitress asked.

"Actually I ran away." Nate took a bite of his bagel before.

"What? Don't leave us hanging" A woman in a booth shouted.
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