While on holiday in greece me and my friend who i was sharing an apartment had the most amazing lesbian first time sex!
We started talking about what it might feel like to be with another girl.
One thing lead to another and i'm on her bed talking off her white cotton bra. I exposed her hard nipples and i started to lick and as i did she moaned. I then moved down and slid down her thong. She was neatly shaven and i could smell her sweet juice, i parted her plump pink lips and gave her my warm wet tongue across her **** and she moaned louder! I licked her tenderly and her juice ran down her ***, i lapped it up, i licked back to front.
She got ontop of me then, her warm wet ***** touched mine and i was in heaven! Her **** gliding over mine as she rocked back and forward she made me moan....it was amazing, she hit the spot over and over as she rocked her size 10 hips back and forward, i grabbed her pert **** it was bliss!
She went at me for a while until i came hard, she then went to lick my throbbing **** but i couldn't take it!
I got down and slid two fingers in her hot dripping ***** and i licked her hard ****, she went wild we both moaned, i licked her tenderly she grabbed my head an i felt her body shudder and she came in my mouth i licked at her thinking ummmmm until she couldn't take anymore!

Would love to do this again!xx
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I have been fantasizing about an experience like this for a while

Ive never had an experience like this before but this is what I have been dreaming about!