I wanted peace of the mind, so I asked a wiseman where can I find it?
He said "Free your mind clear your heart and be careful what you wish for."

I didn't really understand what he meant exactly but I did those things.. I eventually realised that everything has a cost and the one I payed was kicking my emotions out with the lot... And now I hear a knock on my door, should I answer or not? That is a question only I can answer, okay! Sounds logical :/ so I went to check with my first confidant which happens to be my heart and there was nothing in its place but crystal clear walls and you know what was strange? I couldn't see my reflection so only one last place to go... I ran to my mind & what was it said was "Who is it?"

:) I'm grammatically inaccurate but I like to write things so I keep going anyway I hope you got the irony 
godoyourhomework godoyourhomework
18-21, F
Jun 12, 2012