Things I Did On Internet

I have been using internet when I was in 4th grade, first I used cable internet and it was very slow, and I had pentium 2 computer, i used to search different things on yahoo search, and used to play online games, i used to search my homework material as well, olden days on internet were fun, there are changes in internet life same like there are changes in real life, there was an old internet life but now a days internet life is different, i used to send emails to my one uncle, and then i started going in yahoo chat rooms, i used yahoo messenger only, and i used to make female ids and make male people fool on yahoo chat, i also used my own id and made many friends on yahoo chat, i only liked yahoo messenger because it had chat rooms and i could talk to many people, my english was not very good but internet helped me to improve my english, i learned whole english by chatting people on internet, then i started to go on hacking forums and learned hacking, yahoo booting and other illegal internet things like that, hacking, id craking etc, and i used to go in different chat rooms and fight with people, fight with indians in hinduism room and disturb them ( i m not like that now), i became moderator at many online hacking forms and i also made my own hacking forum, i made many friends on hacking sites and became famous on those sites, everyone used to respect me and ask me about their internet problems, then i got bored from hacking and all that stuff, i joined orkut and made friends there, then i moved to facebook and twitter too, and i learned many different things from internet, i hacked many computers and ids in my life, then i joined countersrike online gamings servers and used to have fun there, i used cheats in games and ruined all the matches, all people used to hate me on gaming server because i used to ruin their game by killing all people by cheats, but when i joined university i left gaming, now i only use computer for study purpose and productive things, i use facebook and different blogs etc, my computer also got hacked and infected by viruses many times on internet when i was new on internet, because i used to download all the files because i did not know if they have virus, internet has taught me many things and gave me many friends, if i was not on internet i would be a dumb person. internet life has changed alot these days, in olden times people were innocent on internet and also very honest , they could get fooled easily, i have experienced cable internet time, and dial up internet when i used internet cards, but now we have fast internet.
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you're an internet addict

ab pakki baat hai ese nahi hona.........?:p

haan pakki baat hai ab aisa nahi hoon :p ab acha bacha hoon, ye wala grp maine banaya hai, isme apni story bhi likho dhakkan :p aur iss experience ko join karo

abhi muje interent use kiye 2 saal hue hain......... kia to mein ne buht kuch hai, but eik do batein similar hain, lolz...:p.... female version...:p

ohh tum internet per abhi 2 saal ki ho, aur main 11 saal ka hoon :p bolna bhi nahi ata hoga abhi tume :p haan female version main kuch tou similar hoga hi na :p wrna corrupt version ban jayeen lol :p