I Say

I say I'm fine,
but inside I'm going insane.
I say I feel good,
but I'm in alot of pain.
I say it's nothing,
but it's realy alot.
I say I'm okay,
but realy I'm not.
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

you have talent i know exactly what you mean, i have the same problem everyone always asks are you okay, and you day "im fine" but to me, fine is my secret word it means Freaked out-Insecure-Not alright- Effin leave me alone, that is what fine means, i love to write poetry to, it seems to be the only way to express all the pain in your life, and the only way for others to feel what your going through(although i dont let anyone read my poetry), but any way i really like your poem:)<br />
<br />
xoxoxoxo<br />

I find myself doing that a lot.<br />