The Mother [for Madeleine]

One heartbeat that is yours and mine
You visit my dreams and whisper 'I'm fine'
Our kisses touch on gentle breeze
Your inner light, while on my knees
Warms my hopes before they freeze.
Two souls refuse to say goodbye
Time and distance may ask why.
In lonely night together we lay
Yet tomorrow's dawn takes you away.
Years die, unmeasured miles tease our respite
But you are as the sun that burns so bright.
I feel your eyes, I touch your hand
My fairth still flies in wintry weather
Darling hug your pillow, but understand
-A promise, you and I together
Love's candle burning like no other
Returning daughter to her mother.

For Kate her mother and Madeleine... still missing.

Copyright Kevin East.
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Jun 17, 2011