How Beautiful

How beautiful they are
The trains we miss.
Lips that we will never kiss
Secret love
Hidden bliss,
That we will never reminisce.
When we are old
And dreams are sold.

Unspoken words hang on the breeze
To charm love birds
Among the trees.
Bright flower with an unknown scent
Lost fragrance that just came and went.
 As we stand with eyes wide shut
We bleed together without being cut.

As memory will deprive.
Seeds of regret survive.
How beautiful they are
The eyes that will never see
A harlequin of imagery.
As the deaf hear heaven's symphony
The mute will sing of being free.
So feel the drops of rain upon your tongue
When time our youth has slain
Where dew fresh hopes had clung.

Kevin East.
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Sep 15, 2011