Sweet Music

Hey, heal me with that rock and roll
Steal me with the sweetest soul.
Seduce me with the coolest jazz
Hang loosely to some hot pizzazz.
I'll tap out rhythm in my shoes.
Then join the sad choir
In the lonely blues.

Yet, now I feel the violin bliss
I'm sure the flute blew me a kiss.
Our soundtrack as I glided with you
To dance in dreams to ballad true.
With tinkle of piano I sigh
That twinkle in my lost night sky.
Tunes that haunt me from afar
And find me in some seedy bar.

Hey, when I'm feeling like a monk
Heat me with some raging punk.
Break me free with every curse
Anarchy in bitter verse.
When  those  wailing guitars whine
That clash of drums with beat divine
Starts to travel up my spine.

Now I'll hold my woman
To some schmaltz
In twilight memory
When we did waltz
Cheek to cheek around your house
Just you and I
And Johann Strauss.
I remember when that salsa sweet
Lent my ears that latin beat
Emerging from my happy feet
We danced in love out on the street.

And so my friends my music cheers
My heart it's held throughout the years.
So heal me someone
Just play or croon.
Then reveal me to the moon.
I want to die,later or soon
Quaking, shaking
To a tune.

Kevin East.

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Oct 26, 2011