Will I Ever See You Again

Will I ever see you again?
Standing at the railway station
Eyes smiling just for me.
In that blue summer dress sensation
When I'm dreaming of our used to be.
Love urged our lips to touch
As our two souls merged in bliss.
I'd trade my life as such,for just one lingering kiss.
Caught standing in moonlight blue
As our bird of paradise flew.
I had waited all my years
Thought you would dry my tears.
In lonliness my heart would burn.
I could hear the pages turn
The last chapter of my life.
Fate holds roses
Or a knife.
Now this castaway
Like sunset in the bay
Is fading with the day.
Will I ever see you again ?
My heart whispers it won't be so
My head told me long ago.
When Cupid gave me one more throw.
In my dreams cruel winds would blow.
And the only hope left in the sieve
Before our love is sifted away.
Is one moment we could live
To share again for just one day.
No goodbyes or that closing door.
Just to treasure what we were created for.
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2 Responses Oct 29, 2011

sad and poignant!

well you are a great writer

your a great writer man