Can I

Can I
Take your hand in a place
Where the world daren't show its face.
Through yellow fields
Of unknown flora,
Let the breeze blow our minds
As we climb
To our Aurora
In the sky
Then pull the blinds
As we float by.
Can I
Bathe in the simplest tune.
Angelic choir
Over bluest lagoon.
Yet they paint the soul
In brightest colours.
The stars do scroll
To our pink moon
On centre stage.
The touch of love
In hearts will rage.
Don't fly white dove,
Don't turn the page.
Can I
Just kiss in purple bliss
Then can we fade
Without goodbye.
As lonely trees
Shed crimson leaves
Sweet meadow grieves
With silent cry.
I just need her
And fantasy.
Love's melody
Take all of me!
Does she really need
Yet still more prose?
I must compose
One final script,
A dreamy rose across the sky.
My bleeding quill
At last runs dry.
Can I
Finally win her over
With my poetic four leaf clover.
Life, give me
That one last chance.
Shuffle the stars
Diamond bright to enhance
Our Bossa Nova
Then.. Supernova
And a single sigh.
Lord, all I ask
Without my mask.
Is just
Can I.
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2 Responses May 3, 2012

the dove is never free<br />
its just someones fantasy<br />
<br />
there is much power in your words, i think they might steer the tides

breath taking prose!