Nightmares creep inside my head
wake me up to feeling dead.
I scream and fight to get away
they pull me back and make me stay.
No one can help me, I am gone
tortured by the dark, swarming swans.
Hate being gone, but love all the hits
screaming out for help, but no one gives a ****.
The reason they're around is to cause me pain
when I return, I'll be far from the same.
"Help me! Help me!" I cry out
but no one can hear me scream and shout.
I've lost my mind from the start
ripping me up, tearing me apart.
They slash me open all over my body
the one in charge? well, his name is Tommy.
I'm tied and chained, I can't escape
where is god, for heaven's sake?
I'm always tired, but I can't sleep
for all around me, evil seems to creep.
I can't make a sound or they'll attack me again
it seems like it's constant, I can't even count to ten.
I'm starting to get use to it, but I still cry
I deal with the pain, I barely even try.
But the more I show them that I don't care
the more my blood flies through the air.
I never knew what to do, so I've stayed silent
I didn't think anyone else could help me fight it.
But at this point, I'll try anything
to get away from the torture and the suffering.
So I ask anyone that may read
to come find me and set me free.
dannilongbottom dannilongbottom
18-21, F
May 4, 2012