How we miss
What we cannot kiss.
Just to reignite
That fading light.
The anonymous flower
That scented one hour,
Now sunlit and free
Clings to memory.
A musical note
Like a petal
Will float
On a river of sighs.
And your symphony
Drifts to the sea
Echoing sweet goodbyes.
We can listen
In stillness of the moon.
Tears glisten
Like stars that rage in June.
Trees stretch out
On winter horizon
Hoping leaves
Will grow again.
Have no doubt
The soul relies on
Soft Summer nights
To ease the pain.
And so
The world turns
And lonely heart burns
For old lost smiles
The wind has blown.
Unspoken sweet rhymes
Ring in the wind chimes.
I'm not sorry
For what sweet love has shown.
The flower shared within our hearts
Surely now has grown.
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May 9, 2012