Diary Of A Heartbreak

I live in the light of your eyes.
Within a teardrop
Before it dries.
The rainbows of no fixed abode
Are where I dwell
Until sun rays explode.
I bathe in the ocean of your soul.
Painting shadows
As waves of joy roll.
And I swim through the dreams
We left behind.
Drowning slowly
To where the lowly creatures dined.
I fly in the sweetness of your kiss.
Like perfumed breeze
Of summer's jasmine bliss.
And as late stars
Turn down to a candle glow.
You frown
With soft rouge cheeks
And sadly, have to go.
I tremble in the cold of empty hall.
And I resemble
Jaded paintings on the wall.
I walk to the sound of beating drum.
And a lost aria
That only I can hum.
Where I met you
In that room of indigo,
Sunlight drew
A blazing hue
On melting snow.
Was it only
Just a million years ago?.
Count the lonely
Who just watch the river flow.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

. touching, heartbreaking!