I am a poet.
I feel the colours of pain.
I watch the sky in the rain,
Waiting for the sun.
I hear soft promise
Of golden days.
As music stabs
When it plays
Deep into my heart.
I am a poet.
The moon is my mother
She sings like no other
With dulcet tone.
When I am left alone
She bathes me in blue.
As I die with the night
And lie with the dew.
Until the next starlight.
I am a poet.
I want that forever kiss
Carried by the breeze
To bring sweet bliss.
That I can keep
Within my aching soul.
For when the drums roll
And I fade
Into dark forest shade.
Then my music
Will pass through you
Like a lovers sigh.
Hear the ocean cry
For a lullaby
In lonliness.
I could never possess
That beauty
But will forever share
The rose
That I dared not to die.
A dreamer and a poet am I.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Beautifully written....loved it..xxxx :)