This pretty painting is stained with your mistake

I am still waiting for the day you will wake

Call me up, and say it’s all okay

I just wish that this is what you’d say

Then I’d hug you and wish it all away

Beg you to stay

Cry a little maybe

Let you know, I miss you lady

Forget the why and the how

Why aren’t you here now

I swallow my pride everyday

I don’t believe in God, but I pray

That you rest peacefully

I hate all this secrecy

Can’t I let this go

Never will I know

But these paintings stay stained

And my heart stays drained



Of tears

Of fears

Of nightmares

Of stares

From those who do not understand

They tell me it’s not what God planned

It doesn’t stop the hurt

I feel like being curt

Like it or not, you are gone

And I remain withdrawn

I am not doing well

As you can plainly tell

Still miss you

Still wish you

Drew it out

But that would create doubt

Can’t stay sane

Constant turbulent rain

My mind is a flood of thoughts

I hang out in empty lots

Looking for an answer

It killed you faster than a cancer



These days I do nothing

Just a lot of grudging

And these paintings still stay stained

And I wish it would have rained

To wash away your stain

Wash it away with my rain

Never to return again

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1 Response May 16, 2012

good but sad poetry