Mermaid Kiss

Why am I jealous
Of the wind.
When we are supposed to be free.
When sweet sky
Blows my mind
With a new sunset,
Take me out to sea.
And rock me in the arms
Of a salty dream.
Lock me in the charms
Of a blue moonbeam.
And a Mermaid kiss.
Why am I imprisoned
When I see
Wild horses run.
Now wizened,
Cools in my evening sun.
So take me
On a stardust flight.
Rake me
Embers of the night,
To sit beside
And warm my heart.
To fly away,
That fiery dart
Of love my guide.
To a different dawn.
I can be reborn
From a rainbow
When my tears have dried.
Where new horizons
Paint the sea.
And Gardenia wafts on breeze
To me.
My soul just aches for this.
And a Mermaid kiss.
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May 26, 2012