Why do I love the moon
Its pale eyes
And frail goodbyes
As it fades to blue
Too soon.
The softest beams
Does wrap, it seems
All romance
In cocoon.
Why do I love the sun
Who brings new dawn
To everyone.
Brightest fellow in the skies.
Red and yellow fill his eyes.
He wears dark cloud
As his disguise.
A kaleidoscope
That bleeds into sky,
That we call sunset
Slowly waves goodbye.
Why do I love the stars
That burn like diamonds
On spectral necklace.
A million candles
That woo the reckless.
And dance
Only for lovers eyes.
Flaming sighs.
Why do I love the ocean
Where power meets love
With poetic motion.
Silently sailing everyone's dreams
To islands of flowering idyllic scenes.
The mirror to the moon.
And quencher of the sun.
When stars first thrilled Neptune
It was then all love
Was spun.
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1 Response Jun 8, 2012

your words spin love on every just get better and better...this is beautiful!