As I Looked Back On Life

As I look back on life,
I never thought that I would come this far
The success was always there;
I never knew how the dice would roll

Until one day in my life
I look back on it; and think what a fool!
But; life goes on and now we’re friends
I only wanted more;

There’s more to life than a childhood crush!
You grow up and then you look back,
And think what went wrong?
Only if it wasn’t something more!

I still recall all of the facts
But, I can’t get them straight;
I woke up one morning
There was a letter from an old friend

I never thought I’d be receiving a letter;
About something that happened in the past!
JamesEric JamesEric
36-40, M
1 Response Jul 25, 2012

People usually want something more because they forget love is all there really is!

I do agree, its usually something the feel they need to feel a void with.