Invisible Lives

Just another living hell.
One broken heart
With a cardboard shell.
Embracing your bottle
With the prayer of a chancer.
A mistress that takes
But gives no answer.
Nagged by the dreams
That you can't forget.
Bagged up in the alley
Cold and wet.
Invisible people
We all have met.

The minstrel wandering
With his tenor sax.
His money squandering
As addiction attacks.
Homeless and hungry
Plead the users.
But we know
Beggars can't be choosers.
The banker who escaped his debt.
Invisible people
We all have met.

Young woman ran to streets of gold.
Let another fairytale unfold.
When her money ran out
Her blood ran cold.
Another dream is rocked
Another joint is rolled.
Hunger burning and a heart that aches.
Duet in your head when the city awakes.
Iced tears will dry
Before sunset.
Invisible people
We all have met.

Midnight fires warm souls
So frozen.
A capella choirs sing songs well chosen.
But they fade too soon
As the spaced out fight.
Over things forgotten with the morning light.
A hot dog
Or a bowl of soup.
Too weary to run,
Too late to recoup.
Now more have fallen
From the high horse they rode.
Roses round the door,
To no fixed abode.
Today you can whistle
Your contented tune.
Tomorrow, you'll be wishing on the moon.
Gazing with downtrodden stare.
Invisible lives
We all now share.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2012

magnificent kevin...your best i think!