One day
The Heavens will crash.
Cymbals will clash.
And ten thousand trumpets blow.
Oh yes,
Then we will know.
He has come to take us home.
The world still hates
And peace still waits.
As the sky hums
To bass drums.
And explodes
In a symphony of love.
Reverberating above
In softest clouds
Of ice white foam.
He has come
To take us home.
As the sun and moon kiss
In astral bliss.
Like torches
The stars will burn.
Would never learn,
That love is everything.
The rest,
Balances on the wing
Of a hummingbird.
Our human toys
Are so absurd.
Now the earth shakes
Our senses numb.
And you and I
Need never roam.
My darling,
He has come.
Hold my hand
And He'll take us
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012