Wings Of The Night.

Wings of the night
Shimmering light,
Passes over the moon.
Like some silent
Spiritual tune.
That ballerina of my soul
Across the stage.
Lit by the sleeping rage
Of the sun.
Was this
How love begun.

Wings of the night
Fluttering white
Against blue canvas
Of eternal sky.
Only angels
Fly so high.
Lending smiles
To stars that cry.
Heaven's candles
Burning low.
Is this
What fate did throw
Into a swirling
Midnight show.

Wings of the night
Fanned out,
Coloured bright
On glacier white
When love's hope is reborn.
Watch the skies,
For that elusive sprite.
Magic flies
On the wings of the night.
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

your poetry has soaring wings!

VERY Beautiful! Love it :D