Man gazed upon her Moon
Waning in its ectasy; she smiled
Goddess of the eath; Horned God of the Universe?
Is thou name Holy as the gentiles say?
Me thinkest not for thou sayest only true.

Summon the God! Can one?
Or are the children of the crop insane?
Purity lay in the soil of the deep

can one tell whom what will be?
for whom He has told can only be true;
rest is up to us.

Seek young faun and Pan will show us.
for Crowley certain knew that our wilt be done
yet is that of truth? Decartes speak our mind
for your wisdom is our authenticity
chase the invisible dream

for upon her mountain is a woman
whom wears the rennaissance cap
peaks are of frosty snow
yet the cave are of seven inverted

please describe thouest the truth of
what may lay await in the end.

UnCetain UnCetain
Sep 12, 2012