Your words
Fell softly
On my pillow.
I hear them
like a bell
Far out to sea.
Can console a weeping willow.
Or a caged bird
Yearning to be free.

Your tears
Fell softly
On my pillow.
I feel them
Like summer rain
Upon my tongue.
As God
Spins cotton candy clouds
That billow.
I look for morning star
Where dreams once clung.

On my pillow
I can still smell your hair.
And your perfume
Like sweet flowers
I can touch you
As my soul
Can feel a tune.
Love in the shadows
Still silhouetted
By the moon.

On my pillow
I see stardust
Glint of jade.
Sweet remnants
Of the promises
We made.
When the magic flew
Were left behind.
On my pillow
Bathed in blue
You kiss my mind.
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Sep 14, 2012