One Sigh.

Join me
On the ledge of life.
To jump,
Or wait
In patient sunset
To fly.
What wings
Could take us as high.
To touch
What Icarus
Did regret.
One sigh
Of love
Pays any debt.

Come with me
Unto the ocean.
To die with grace
In diving motion.
To cast our fate.
In waters of diamond rays
Where mariners
Staged their tragic plays
Of goodbye.
Waving to a raging sky.
One sigh
Of love
For days,
Rings around
Sweet moonlit bays.

The canyons
Where our souls did merge.
Two lovers
Standing on the verge.
As Venus danced with Mars.
Echoes of music filled the sky.
The moon above
Dripped tears
To cry.
One sigh
Of love
Wafted by.
On the perfume
Of a distant kiss.
Holding hands
We fade in bliss.
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