Ties that bind us
Survive any storm.
Keep us warm
Through winter years.
And icicle tears
Will melt.
When we remember
How we have felt.

Ties that bind us
Ride on any tune.
Lighting stars to the moon.
In that fiery carriage
Of dreams.
Evil schemes
All blow away.
When the wind
Whistles our melody
Shooting stars
Above a lonely street.

Ties that bind us
Tapestry of the heart.
Before our souls could part.
Hands that touch
In silent muse.
And rhymes that echo
To defuse
The pain
Of twilight goodbyes.
You see,
You and I
Will have ties.
That bind us.
Remind us
Of love so new.
Under moonstone skies
Where white dove
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

And our love is what binds us close together xxxx love you Kev.....miss you