I Believe In Love.

I believe in love.
Though I sleep in an empty bed.
The film show
In my head.
On an endless reel.
-It taught me how to feel.
I love to stand in the rain
To feel its kiss.
Only love
The sweetest pain,
Could teach me this.
And rain hides tears.
As a grey sky clears
I look above,
And know.
I still believe in love.
It lit my lights
I scaled the heights.
And moved in the rhythm
Of hot passioned nights.
Steaming with you
In elation.
Watching your train
Leave my station.
To disappear from view.
For the last time.
Our dreams ascending above.
Our journey ending
In teardrop rhyme.
I still believe in love.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

yes! i do too! x