A Slideshow Of Sparks.

Will you let me
Take you
To places you have never been.
A taste of tangerine
In summer kiss.
Our bodies hiss
Like a snake in Eden.
The poem that I posted
On a subway wall
Echoed through the streets of your mind.
As you heard love ache
Flashing neon exploded
At our wake.
As Prince met his Princess
By chance to find.

Will you let me
Heal you ,reveal you.
Where naked wanton lust
Was dispelled by blue stardust
That angels shed.
Our only bed
Roses red.
Under volcanic sky.

You and I
Must face the end
In heated embrace.
From verse that I penned.
Like a dying wish
From a landed fish
For a coloured cascading pool.
Our fingertips touched
Across the oceans
Breaking each others fall.
Our passion
Born as flowers inSpring
Struck by a sexual lightning.
As our electricity arcs
We're just left
With a slideshow of sparks.

I wore gabardine
You in silk and lace.
Stuck to our face
That trees had shed.
Autumn leaves
Winter comes.
We share its bed.
Fortune raises its head
To flare
And smoulder
Until spent.
We took more love
Than the gods had lent.
Both burning long ago.
Time left us marks
Of lovers bites
Worse than barks.
Can we let go.
And fly with the larks
Of our new morning.
Fate's final warning
That legacy -
A slideshow of sparks.
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Nov 27, 2012