A Silver Cloud

Great love
Orbited the earth
Just before our birth.
As our souls
Held hands to jump
Into the ether.
Or beneath a
Silver cloud.

The Heaven's
Laughed so loud
With joy
Sounded like a storm.
Two hearts pounded in the warm
Of an infant sun.
Before they broke away
And spun.
Lost in the milky way
Yet, to meet again one day.

A million years later
God's astral waiter
Served us a sunset sublime.
Bells rang in cathedrals of rhyme.
Our hands touching
Across distance and time.
We both left our scars
On venus or mars
Or in books
In love's library of pain.
Sometimes we'd take them out again.
To read of lost promises
Left in the rain.
But now we will chase
A feeling so strong
To a wild summer place.
Where bluebirds sing our song.
To meet forever
In a kiss.
We have never felt like this.
Since time began.
So a woman
And a man
Who waited
For eternal embrace
Once wrapped in emotional shroud.
Will merge at last
Or beneath
A silver cloud.
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