More Than Happy Birthday.

I wish you more
Than a happy birthday.
I wish you angels in the morning.
The brightest
With chorus exquisite
As the sun
Pays a visit
To your heart.

I wish you more
Than candles on a cake.
Astral diamonds
Over a moonstruck lake.
A scent from a blazing array.
Blooming especially for today.
And my heart
That I only gave away
To you.

I wish you more
Than gifts tied with bows.
I offer serenity
And a single red rose.
With a loving kiss
That never fades
But grows.
I have sent you sweet promises
On a summer breeze.
Delivered by Heaven
With ecstasies
Of love and moonlight to come.
Like a symphony
Your memory will hum.
Long after delights
Float away.
My darling.
I wish you more
Than a happy birthday
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Nov 29, 2012