How wonderful it will be
When all our waves are calmed.
All our fears unloaded.
To walk hand in hand
Through colours that exploded
In flowers
With Heaven's scent.
This love that almost died
Now , like Lazarus defied
Death's silent sting.
God knows our everything
It blows upon the wing.
Lights fields of purple and blue.
That patience
That only love grew.
All we are destined to do.

How wonderful
We both did emerge
From standing on a verge
Looking down
At tempestuous sea.
Before we leapt,
One embrace set us free.
Lead our souls to sanctuary.
Inside we wept
Our date will be kept.
Simply overdue.
Our overture
Once monotone.
Bathed in indigo blue.

How wonderful you and I
Under a brilliantine sky.
Our kisses
So naked and pure.
As galaxies dance with allure.
Blazing passion
That we can procure
From the potion of the saints.
From the blessed paints
Of the artist so supreme.
He took our flaming dream,
Dipped strawberries in our cream.
While our faith we held.
Our chemistry in Heaven gelled
In cotton candy skies.
Dry your eyes.
We are breathing now as one.
Our sunrise of eternity begun.
We knew we'd see it through.
What we were predestined
To do.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

this is just wonderful! i love the flow of it.