Find Me.

Find me.
Wherever you are.
Before I overdose.
Or I am comatose
In a blazing car.

Find me.
Before I jump.
Or choke
From the lump
In my throat.
Left with that silent scream.
Goodbye was all she wrote.
Can anyone
Trade me a dream.

Find me.
Before I bleed to death
From the wound
In my heart.
She harpooned.
Took my breath
With her charismatic smile.
In crass erratic style.

Find me.
Aching in my verse.
Just one kiss
Can break the curse.
Love's battle plan
So strategic.
It cuts you down
So paraplegic.

Find me.
Is love so opaque?
I'm frozen over
Like a lake.
Skate on me
And my heart will break.
Bring me danger
Of embrace.

Find me.
While there is still a trace.
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Dec 3, 2012