There Is Love.

There are diamonds of the night.
And dancing flames
On walls
By lamplight.
There once was a crescent moon
Where golden promises hung,
And a ballerina pirouetting.
As cathedral bells
Through dreams were rung.
There are flowers that dance to the breeze.
Holding hands
To rhapsodies
In pink and blue.
Then there is love
And me.
And you.

There are mighty waves
That crash and hiss.
And sunlight
Tip toeing
Through skyscape bliss.
There are scents from Eden
Still lingering.
Midnight flora
With stardust mingling.
Eyes meeting
To set frozen hearts tingling.
Always -
When you least expect them to.
Then there is love.
And me.
And you.

There is magic
With the sweetness of the vine.
Tears of a symphony
Send shivers to the spine.
Dramatic drum rolls
Wake lifeless dolls
To live and breathe again.
Notes fall like raindrops
Gradually drowning the pain.
Wafting melodies
Turn darkness to light.
As aching souls touch in the night.
The opera,
Of two dying flowers
Watered by cotton cloud
With showers.
Words forgotten
Are sang with verve.
Out loud.
Oh yes,
The thrill to waltz,
The nerve,
As moonlight hue
Stands proud.
Sweet words
Like birds
With kiss of morning dew.
Both standing alone at the end.
Then there is love.
And me.
And you.
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Dec 6, 2012