Christmas With Linda.

On Christmas morning.
Once lit by dawning,
I'd kiss her
Through frosted window pane.
Pure beauty laughing.
As snowflakes tickled her nose.
Way before my dreams had froze.
Someone sent her in ribbons and bows.
As Santa Claus had read my mind again.

Her eyes
My Christmas lights.
Her lips
To thaw my nights.
Would yuletide bliss
Knock on my door again?
Holding hands to church.
I would pray.
To silent music
She would sway.
And our hearts danced together
Beating free of pain.
Our families ,past and present, would sit in joy again.

Candles would be lit.
Like promises
Of an astral plane.
A crackling festive spirit
As magical incense filled the air.
I'd chase her
And embrace her.
Singing carols
In duet.
- Our sunset
Of emotions free to roam.
As I carry her back home.

She would say, don't forget
I love you Kevin.
In her red woolly hat
-A set
With matching mitten.
I would blow an iced kiss
Heaven bound
As I lay smitten,
Way above
To my Lord.
With angel harp sound.
My first Christmas with Linda
Soared high above the ground.
To strike that chord
First played
By King David
As a love song
To our maker.

Christmas without Linda
That's the ultimate heart breaker.
Never to say goodbye.
Let us gather again
And sigh
By mass at midnight.
With vows by lovelight
We will cry.

Christmas with Linda
Forever warmed our souls.
That will now always fly
Above volcanic coals.
To plunge the depths
Of all oceans.
And glide
Through coloured shoals.
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Dec 11, 2012