Thomas cavorting through memories
Of sunnier days.
A hitman that plays
At being a cat.
With attitude
The hat he chewed.
Now he purrs in constant dream.
A feline making a beeline
For every scrap of food.
Meant that
Always a scrap ensued.
Old Tom had street cred.
Yet loved his warm bed
On the chair.
Only in sleep.
Yet that one day arrives
When old friends
Make us weep.
He used all nine lives.
But left a light
For us to keep.
Now he purrs in constant dream.

for a friend who recently lost her cat..
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

i just had to put my dog of 18 years down a few weeks ago, and found this so touching!

very nice. it's so hard to lose a pet. did you give your friend the poem?