In Haze.

In haze
The days of valentines
And cards that blaze
With dreamy lines.
Shards of glass
From broken minds
litter the playground
Of our hearts.
As the sun departs
To tell the moon
Of whispered sadness
Across heaven strewn.
Embers waving goodbye
To no one.
In a melancholy sky.
In haze.

That craze
Would kiss the soul.
We surfed on waves
With a diamond roll.
Unearthed old caves
That darkness stole.
To store our treasure
Called love.
On golden seam of shore
We would walk.
And wait at sunset's door
To talk
Of heaven's silent embrace.
As colours merged
In that secret place.
Of wonder
That we can't trace.
In a haze.
At opera
We cry apart
As sweetest music plays.
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Jan 7, 2013