You Live In Me.

You are
The inner starlight
That lives in me.
A choir
Of midnight
The wind set free.
A rhapsody
That rides
The tides
To rest
On the petals of a rose.
And grows
Like a symphony.
You live in me.

You are
The tune
That woos my heart.
To tremble and swoon.
The kiss,
The dart
That didn't miss.
Straight from a starry night.
The thrill
My quill
Will forever reminisce.
In bliss
Of a pink moon.
Aching so bright.
I miss
The floral cocoons
Of our scented
Eden peace.
Never cease
To release
Balloons of freedom.
That float
Within me,
That palamino dream we ride.
Of azure blue
I breathe
The life
At last.
The spell is cast.
And you live in me.
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Jan 8, 2013