In A Storm.

Find me
Where I was lost in youth.
You need to defrost me
Super slueth.
And count the cost of simple truth.
When I was cool
A melting fool.
Fate lent you to me.
Like the Spring
Left in a darkened room,
With winter's sting.
Will always cling
To anything
Outside the womb.
We are cosy and warm
Oh, hug me baby
In a storm.

Retrieve me
From where I lay.
In the alleyways
Of yesterday.
You'll hear music play.
If you would only give your heart.
Our supernova
Needs a spark
To start.
Hangs on the vine
Bring me
Your sweetest wine.
That drumbeat pulse
Of jungle rhyme
Has always been so hot.
Life's too short
To act or not.
Let's perform!
Untie fate's knot.
And exquisitely
We will die.
In the whirlwind
Of a storm's goodbye.
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Jan 9, 2013