Is That Poetry.

I miss my mother.
And being loved.
Maybe it's gone forever,
That feather
To brush the heart.
Someone caring
Not playing a part.
To feel.
To spin the roulette wheel
And call fate's bluff.
Oh please tell me
Is that poetical enough.

I miss my lover.
Need her to smother
In her lipstick kisses.
The arrow
That hits or misses.
Tears are laughter
That reminisces.
Joy in a mist.
Who can resist
That spell.
From a wand
Dipped in a wishing well.
And a puff
Of smokey blue.
Oh please do tell.
Is that poetical enough
For you.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

your words are always poetic and beautiful...hope you are doing well!