More Than Reality

Sink your gut,
Leave in slow,
Real or fake?
Be in the know.

See happiness,
Let your problems slide,
Breathe in..
Feel full inside.

Walk around,
Just take a look..
Everything's different,
Feel proud.

Become an addict,
Forget your past,
Lose yourself in
Your fantasy fast.

Forget yourself,
Forget your life,
Bury your worries,
Avoid the light.

Avoid your name,
Take your time,
Your mind is gone,
But you seem just fine.

Your shell is cracked loose
Your fantasy starts to fall
You try to patch it up
But they're breaking the wall.

You panic inside,
"What do I do now?"
You shut them out,
Reality, you won't allow.

They take the wall down,
You see the truth,
It hurts even more,
You come out aloof.

This is what you are,
You will always be this,
You are nothing,
If you leave, you won't be missed.

You've feared of this day,
Hoping it wouldn't come,
Your fantasy was so addicting,
But your reality won.

Now where do you go?
Nowhere, I guess.
There is more to reality,
You're reality is now a mess.

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1 Response Jan 14, 2013


I have a good friend addicted to many drugs, I thought of some of the poetry she used to write when I read this.